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Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump Is Looking to Stop Mueller; The Left Prepares for Full Chimp Out

If God is truly great, Trump will fire Mueller, seize his documents, and have him arrested for colluding with the media and plotting a coup against the President. If chaos is truly set to rain down upon us, like the ash at Pompeii, we will need Trump to start taking militant action against his enemies.

This is the end game now -- just 6 months into his Presidency.

You know it's war, especially since he stopped the CIA project to arm and support ISIS in Syria. I know you cucks will say "they were moderate rebels." Bullshit. They were ISIS. Now be quiet about it.

Reports are swirling tonight, after another leak out of Mueller's stupid investigative committee suggesting they were widening their probe into Trump's business, the President's lawyers are now looking to stop him.



Anonymous said...

This is really getting crazy. The left has spent 6 months investigating nothing and just like the election continue to refuse they lost and there is nothing to see here. What a waste of time and effort; it is all a distraction since they have nothing to offer. I am disappointed that someone like Robert Mueller would stoop to this level.

Anonymous said...

Go for it PDJT!
Democrats are terrified their dirty dealings during Obama Admin. will be publicized! Who killed Seth Rich? What's the weird Podesta emails concerning "pizza" and "walnut sauce" and young children all about? What's on the DNC computers no one is allowed to look at? What about the Pakistani IT guys?
Hillary's "private server" while SOS. Secret deals with Russia over uranium and God knows what else.
Let alone PBHO & Susan Rice spying on the "opposition."
If journalists did their job these subjects would be fully investigated and front and center in the news.
It's time to "fight fire with fire and let the chips fall where they may."