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Monday, July 24, 2017

Court rules man must pay $65k for child that's not his

A Texas court has ruled that a Houston man who is not the father must pay $65,000 in child support to the mother of a teenage girl he's only met once.

Gabriel Cornejo, of Cypress, Texas, a father-of-three who is also raising two of his brother's children, says he only found out his ex claimed he was the father of her 16-year-old girl, last year.

But even after a paternity test proved he wasn't the father, Cornejo is still being held liable for unpaid child support because a court says he did not contest the paternity suit when his former girlfriend first submitted it in 2003.

Cornejo, originally from Panama, insists he was never notified about his ex's claims at the time and is hoping to overturn the ruling when the case goes to court next month.



Anonymous said...

The court won't make the little tramp name the father.

We live in a screwed up world where the female is automatically right and the guy gets screwed every time.

Anonymous said...

Men are guilty and liable until proven to only liable.

Anonymous said...

this is pretty messed up. Its a shame that he has to pay the price but the deadbeat real dad gets a free pass. But i don't blame him i blame her, she should step in and do the right thing and not accept money that she is NOT entitled to. She is nothing but a money grubbing pos as far as my concern. (i'm a female and mother) What she is doing is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, force the sperm donor to pa.

Anonymous said...

He should sue her & the courts

Anonymous said...

I say bullets all around for everyone involved with this miscarriage of justice! so is the guy who's been screwed by everyone including the courts the judge the police the girl, going to do what needs to be done or is he just gonna roll over? maybe just maybe if these so called government entities were held accountable maybe the next time they are waiting to vote or issue a ruling they'll think twice and possibly even do the right thing! nah, never happen!

Anonymous said...

I wauld not pay a dime and take it to the Supreme Court.