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Monday, July 24, 2017

Damage In Stevensville After Possible Tornado

STEVENSVILLE, Md. —Crews in Queen Anne's County are investigating a number of reports of damage in Stevensville after severe weather swept through the area Sunday night into Monday morning, including reports of a tornado touching down.

Much of the reported damage is focused in the "Bay City" area of Stevensville, just across the Bay Bridge.

Some viewers called 11 News reporting damage to homes, including roofs blown-off.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news first , WBOC is talking about it now , day late and a dollar short , they will run this into the ground.

Anonymous said...

WBOC is still talking about this , running it into the ground , jumping from this to healthcare bill , really ? Please get some investigative reporters !

Anonymous said...

Is 16 even doing local at 5:30?

Anonymous said...

Middle of the night storms like this, without true warning when folks are asleep. Prayers for all involved!

Anonymous said...

Wboc's response, show a map of the area from google earth. Great work WBOC! Good to see you didn't have to get out of your comfy chairs to go out of your way to show the damage! If it was in Delaware, they would have been all over it!

Anonymous said...

These weather events of this past weekend were totally normal events.
Happens all the time . . .


Is anyone awake out there?
Are there any old people left around here who recognize that this weather is different from normal?
Am I the only old dude here who realizes the weather has been changed?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

It's not unusual for this to happen. I was a 911 dispatcher back in 1984 and I remember a twister when through the town of Hurlock and did quit a bit of damage. You could see the path through the corn fields leading up to the town. It was during a heat wave in mid July just like today. When Temps get this high, you can bet on the weather to be severe. When I was a kid back in the Seventies, Summer thunderstorms used to be a daily occurrence. I don't see nearly as many of them to cool things down. I have read reports that some of the strange weather we have been having is because the gulf stream is slowing down and isn't distributing the heat from the tropical regions to the north as quickly as it used to. The extra warm water in the Atlantic could be contributing to our severe weather we have been having in recent years.

Anonymous said...

1013 go pitch your globalist agenda on someone who gives a sh&&. Most here don't buy into that whole can of crab grass and you're grasping at very thin noodles. The planet goes through progressions and weather patterns change as a result. Go take a frigging Astronomy class and you'll learn all about how the shifts in climate are natural and not caused by some big conspiracy ruse to redistribute wealth.

Did you also know gullible isn't in the dictionary? Hells bells wake yourself up, man, you've been had!