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Monday, July 24, 2017

Longtime Washington News Anchor Jim Vance Dies At Age 75

For 48 years at NBC4, Jim Vance’s smooth voice and calm presence made viewers feel that, no matter how bad the news was, it would be OK.

Vance died July 22 at age 75 after a brief battle with cancer.

Before becoming a journalist, Vance was a teacher in his hometown of Philadelphia. He started reporting at WRC-TV in Washington in 1969. He was an only child, but Vance always contended he never knew that. His grandparents had 16 kids, so there were always young people around Vance’s early life.

Vance made a name for himself covering stories all over the world, including Vietnam, El Salvador and South Africa. But he didn’t have to go far for some of his best work: reporting on the people in his beloved adopted hometown of Washington.



Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Jim's family. He was wonderful on the news and I loved watching him for many, many years. His commentaries were always thoughtful. His on air persona was one of reassurance and calmness. I was able to meet him several times in person and that 'On Air' personality was the same shen he was off the air. Rest in Peace Jim Vance. God got an angel for sure.

Anonymous said...

Isn't 75 about an average life span?

Anonymous said...

Watched Jim for many yrs living in Baltimore sorry to hear of his passing

USMCRetired said...

Why serving on active duty, I had the privilege of watching Jim Vance why stationed in Washington DC/Quantico and Virginia area. I consider him the absolute BEST news man that was on TV; whether local, regional, or national: no one was better. A class act, a true gentleman with honesty and integrity. His longevity and consistency highlights his career. He will be missed but will always be remembered, his was the face and voice of channel 4 news. I was fortunate to witness his remarkable career. God Bless him, heaven has a new announcer.

Anonymous said...

When I had cable, I used to watch him on Channel 4 news. Always a class act. Very professional.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. wonderful man. (map)

Anonymous said...

Almost 48 years he worked for WRC-TV. That is a long time in any career. I always liked watching him when we lived in that area.