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Monday, July 24, 2017


A new study examined how patriotic Marylanders’ are and ranked the state just 17th out of 50.

When you envision the “most patriotic state in the country,” does Maryland come to mind? If you responded “no,” the data agrees with you. A new study recently published by WalletHub ranks Maryland as the 17th most patriotic state in the country.

The researchers developed a “patriotism score” by looking at two specific factors: military and civic engagement. A Military engagement score was created by measuring the number of residents on active duty and how many veterans live in the state. Civic engagement was a little more complicated, looking at variables such as voter participation rates, charity involvement, and even how often residents use Google to search for “American flags.” Both scores were equally measured and added together to arrive at a cumulative patriotism score.

Maryland’s aggregate patriotism score is 54.40, positioning the state at 17th in the country (wedged in between Nebraska and Utah). Maryland ranks above average on civic engagement, coming in at 12th in the country. By comparison, Virginia was ranked the most patriotic state was ranked 10th in terms of civics with a patriotism score of 70.55.



Anonymous said...

Ridiculous deciding factors..googling American flag? I'll just look at the one hanging off my porch

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we are even that high considering when you drive around there are not many American flags displayed on homes, very sad. When you let in every immigrant from around the world under democrac policies I guess that's what you get, ungrateful mooches that don't even have respect for the country that let them in!!

Anonymous said...

Let us all honor what the flag of the United States of America stands for. Our Constitution spells us what it means to e an America who loves his or her country.

Anonymous said...

Well when the western shore is a strange hold due to liberal Democrats what do you expect, they are anti American and anti military. The study is also flawed Virginia is higher probably due to the naval Base being there.

Anonymous said...

Did you look at the list of questions?

Questions right out of the libtard handbook for hating the US.

How many volunteers? What the heck does that have to do with patriotism?

How about a question like... How many firearms per household?

Anonymous said...

5:39 good point.