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Monday, July 24, 2017

Kredo: State Department Has Gone Rogue on Israel

Washington Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo discussed his story on State Department hostility toward Israel Friday with radio host Mark Levin, saying the agency had gone "rogue" on the issue.

Kredo reported last week on a criticized State Department report on global terrorism that placed blame on Israel for Palestinian terrorist attacks and being an impasse in peace talks. State Department officials stood by the report when Kredo followed up:

Officials in the Trump administration's State Department are standing by a recent report criticized by Congress that blamed Israel for terror attacks and claimed Palestinians rarely incite violence, telling the Washington Free Beacon that it remains unclear why terrorists engage in violent acts.

Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.), co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, criticized the State Department Thursday for releasing a report portraying Israel as the culprit in terrorism and downplaying Palestinian incitement of violent acts against the Jewish state, the Free Beacon first reported.

Roskam demanded the State Department alter its report to bring it more in line with what he believes are the facts on the ground—that Palestinian leaders routinely incite violence against Israel, which has been forced to defend itself against a growing wave of terror attacks on Jewish citizens.

A State Department official, speaking on background, defended the report's conclusions and said that it cannot precisely pinpoint the motivations behind Palestinian terror attacks on Israel.



Anonymous said...

There is an "Israel Caucus" in Congress?
I think that tells us a lot.

Is there a "Russian Caucus", or a "China Caucus", or a "Brazil Caucus" in Congress?

Here is a good one: How about an "American Caucus" which would be a caucus in Congress that looks out for American Peoples' interests? Hmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating a very obvious problem with this worship of Israel that goes on in Washington DC.
The truth is the Israeli government gets the US Government to finance itself and fight most of its wars.
I for one am getting sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Hear here!

Israel is the main problem in the Middle East.
Live and let live, and stop taking other people's land.