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Monday, July 24, 2017

Man Behind Trump "Dossier" Subpoenaed After Refusing To Testify, Will Plead The Fifth

For all the talk of obstruction and interference by the Trump camp, it's neither Donald Trump Jr. nor Paul Manafort who are challenging their scheduled testimony in the Senate next Wednesday, but rather the man who according to many started the whole "Trump Russia collusion" narrative, who is doing everything in his power to avoid testifying next week.
FUSION GPS head Glenn Simpson won't testify before Senate Judiciary next week, his rep attacks "partisan" hearing and vows to plead Fifth

On Friday, attorneys for Glenn Simpson, a former WSJ reporter who now runs the infamous Washington political intelligence firm Fusion GPS - best known for compiling the salacious "dossier" of unverified research about President Trump - told the Senate Judiciary Committee in a letter that their client was on vacation through July 31 and traveling abroad through August 3, and would be unavailable for next week’s hearing. Perhaps for writers of opposition research fiction, vacations take precedence over being summoned to Congress.



Anonymous said...

It's only guilty people who plead the 5th, people who are cowards and won't accept the responsibility for their actions.

Anonymous said...

Lately it seems that the gov't officials who take the Fifth are just soldiers obeying orders from above. It's the "above" that needs to be held accountable, too.

Anonymous said...

So the person that came up with the Russian FINALLY has a chance to TELL ALL the TRUTH and can't because he is taking a vacation? The very same person last WEEK said the fate of USA is at stake but now it's a little inconvenient to testify and save the world? PRESIDENT TRUMP it's time to use the powers and agency's at your disposal. Start arresting and seizing bank accounts and WATCH what happens

Anonymous said...

I agree. President Trump starts flexing his power and the rats will run from the swamp. Go Trump.