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Monday, July 24, 2017

Governor Signs Law Rising Smoking age to 21

New Jersey became the third state to raise the age for buying cigarettes and tobacco products to 21 under a law signed Friday by Gov. Chris Christie.

The law takes effect Nov. 1.

The law raises the minimum age for buying and selling both tobacco and electronic smoking devices from 19 to 21. More teenagers have "vaped" or smoked e-cigs than regular tobacco products in recent years, and the measure is intended to prevent both.

Only California and Hawaii have similar age restrictions.

Young people don't "fully comprehend the potential for addiction, as well as the devastating long-term effects smoking can have on their health," said Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, an Englewood Democrat and co-sponsor of the bill. Raising the purchasing age, she said, will enable them to "mature more before making this potentially life-altering decision."



Anonymous said...

More silliness. With everything wrong in our world today and they're worried about underage smoking. "But let's let 'em get shot up in a gang and that's a-okay!"

Anonymous said...

Signed by a guy who could eat you out of house & home in less than three-minutes flat! Yeah, Christie should look out for his own heartattack-waiting-to-happen and stop doing everything that's anti-Republican, pro-Democrat!

Anonymous said...

Then RAISE the age to 21 to go into the military.

Anonymous said...

Yes let them all smoke weed that is known to lead to other drugs, that we put into law. Stupid laws stupid people. Why don't we have the right to vote for marijuana, or smoking. The state makes decisions we as Marylanders do not get a vote.

Anonymous said...

"...weed that is known to lead to other drugs..."

Sorry. That's false. The only "gateway affect" associated with marijuana is the black market access. If marijuana is legally available, most users will never have any contact with "harder" drugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating the fact of the matter.

We used to be free.

How about a little bit of freedom from this Nanny State mentality?

Anonymous said...

12:07 Correctamundo!

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

That's pathetic. So, it is Ok for your kid to be old enough to join military and be put in a combat on foreign soil against foreign enemy fighters, but not old enough to buy cigarette or can of beer in America. Maybe, just maybe, they should have age limit of 18 for purchase of tobacco and alcohol, like 99% of other countries. Maybe we wouldn't have so many 18-19yr. olds overdosing on heroin bought on the streets. Hey, but those slimey politicians, they know what's best for us, right!?

Anonymous said...

Why? We need healthy warriors not smoke filled civilians. Get some!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the illegal wars of aggression against countries who refuse to bank with the European banking families would help us all out?

Maybe there should be no age restrictions on our freedoms?

Maybe the government is tyrannical in every way and you and me are getting used to being sheep?

Strongly encourage young people to STOP joining the military. All wars are bankers' wars for profit. Let the bankers send their children to murder strangers in foreign lands. They are the people who want to asset strip the land after all. Stop fighting their dirty wars!

lmclain said...

You can (with their hearty approval!!) go to war and get mangled and maimed at 18 (USA!! USA!! USA!!) but will get jailed (!) for buying a pack of cigarettes??
Our "leaders" are brilliant beyond belief! How much are we paying them for this kind of work? An awesome effort! Totally killing it as legislators for 'we, the people"!
I don't think there is enough rope........
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

The tobacco companies' credo: Get 'em while they're young and they're yours forever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, they should have age limit of 18 for purchase of tobacco and alcohol, like 99% of other countries. July 24, 2017 at 12:50 PM

they tried that back in the 70's and didn't like it, so they reversed it back to what it was.

I fell into that age bracket back then so I could buy alcohol and when they changed it back, they did so in increments over the course of 3 years I think. So I started buying beer and wine at 18 (legally).

Cigs I was buying well before 18, and beer also at certain places they didn't card me. Laws don't mean much to a determined person no matter what they make illegal.