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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unsanctioned Event Expected Late July in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, MD – : The Ocean City Police Department is advising residents and visitors to expect an unsanctioned event that will bring college-aged visitors to Ocean City on July 21-23. Like many of the other events in Ocean City, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, the OCPD has been planning and preparing for this event and any incidents that may arise.

“We historically see college-aged visitors throughout the months of May and June,” said Chief Ross Buzzuro. “With the expectation that this event will bring an influx of young adults, residents and visitors can anticipate increased enforcement and high visibility.”

Business owners should staff accordingly and employees should be prepared for a busy July weekend. Residents are reminded, as always, to report any ordinance violations, including sleeping in vehicles and noise.

“We will continue to work with the business community and our residents as the event approaches.” Chief Buzzuro continued. “We’re optimistic that the majority of people that are planning to come to Ocean City throughout the summer months are here to enjoy the beach and everything our town has to offer.”


Anonymous said...

What exactly does this the city going to be over run with thugs?

Anonymous said...

"Unsanctioned Event"
Is there any other pertinent information on who participates in this unsanctioned event?
I understand it's college-age adults, but is it a church-organized group? A sports oriented gathering?
The story could've been a bit more specific.
I have a son and daughter in high school now, possibly this is an event they would be interested in participating in prior to attending college?
It must be popular - they say they are expecting large crowds.
How can we get more information?

Anonymous said...

3rd year in a row...maybe 3rd year in a row of crying WOLF City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Just a cop out from OC, basically saying that what ever happens is not our fault because it unsanctioned. So when problems arise, they are covering their butts.

Anonymous said...

Is this the black fraternity thing that used to happen in VA beach? The destroyed stores and bars down there a while back.