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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dem Rep Jeffries: ‘Every Racist in America Voted for Donald Trump’

During a speech on the House floor on Monday, Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) argued that while not all Trump voters are racists, “every racist in America voted for Donald Trump.”

Jeffries said, “Since January 20th, we’ve seen a disturbing increase here in America in anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti-LGBT and anti-Semitic acts. And the question is, is this just a coincidence, or could it possibly have something to do with the election of the 45th president of the United States of America? Now, in part, what we’re seeing is connected to a historic backlash that has often occurred throughout this journey that we’ve been on here in America, that whenever we make significant progress, there’s always a backlash amongst some in America who’ve got a problem with the fact that we’ve done things designed to be more consistent with our values of liberty and justice for all, equal protection under the law.”



Rebel Without a Clue said...

This guy is a 1-Delta-10-Tango! I have only seen anti-Sharia protest. Once again here is yet another attempt at stoking the flames of division.

Anonymous said...

wrong dear...Obama, Clinton, 99% of DEMS and Lying Media are Racist. There's no excuse for it and YOU have divided our nation for the past many years. You continue to do so with abandonment and NO care for your nation. America is worse off with you and your kind. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Question: who is the slavemaster of the 20th and 21st century?
Answer: the Democratic Party.
I pray every night that minorities will begin to understand.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo without white voters ahole obama would have Never been our Pt President

Anonymous said...

And this dummy is afraid because he knows with the job President Donald J. Trump is doing everyone will vote for a second term. It's over clowns....the citizens are taking the country back where it should be, away from you losers. Trump/Pence 2020!!

Anonymous said...

It's over. No one is buying that used car. Riots at Berkeley and the violent attacks on Americans free speech just because they aren't democrat isn't flushing...WE THE PEOPLE have spoken and voted Trump. I believe he is getting more and more votes every day. DEMOCRATS have LOST the core of America and still losing. #XDemocrat

Anonymous said...

How can that be? I thought the democrats won the popular vote. And everyone knows the democrats are the largest group of racists in the country. Jeffries is a loon.

Anonymous said...

10:22 be voted in for a second term? With the lowest approval rating in history?

lmclain said...

What a dumb ace.

White people who voted for Trump (about what?, 44-45% of them?) are just racist rednecks? ALL of them?!?
BUT, black people, who voted for Obama in the 95-97% range are NOT racist?
WHITE PEOPLE put obama in the white house. Black people don't have the voting numbers to insure the election of anyone.
And I suppose the millions --- MILLIONS - of democrats who voted for Obama but then, after seeing his abysmal performance on the national and international level, voted REPUBLICAN this time, they are racists, too?
"Racist!" should be reserved for real racists, not just for the people who don't think the same whack-ace things that you believe.
How about admitting there is a tremendous disconnect between what liberals say the world is and what people actually see in reality, such as "muslims are the religion of peace", fast wood work is worth $15 an hour, everyone should get a minimum weekly wage (no matter what you do OR DON'T DO), the American flag can offend people IN AMERICA, the President of the USA is NOT THEIR PRESIDENT (??), the list of stupid things they think, believe, and try to force upon everyone else is almost endless and will be their death knell.
When your national party spokesmen are characters like Pelosi and Hillary, and they are the best ya got, you are in deep trouble.
Keep Cheering.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that stat? CNN?? 🤣