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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Most Recent BOE Update

Marie Baker (Assistant Principal at North Salisbury Elementary)

Delmar Elementary: Principal Kirby Bryson (transfer from Principal of Northwestern Elementary)

Northwestern Elementary: Principal Debbie Emge (transfer from Principal at Pinehurst Elementary)

Pinehurst Elementary: Principal Regina Rando (transfer from Principal at Willards Elementary), Assistant Principal Kevin Smith (promotion from Acting Assistant Principal at Glen Avenue Elementary)

Willards Elementary: Principal Judy Nicholson (transfer from Principal at Delmar Elementary)

James M. Bennett High: Assistant Principals Erin Nathan (promotion from JMB Dean of students) and Keith Bailey (promotion from Wicomico High Dean of Students); Kimandi Binns, Dean of Students (promotion from Acting Dean of Students at JMB)

North Salisbury Elementary: Assistant Principal Marie Baker (transfer from Assistant Principal at Fruitland Intermediate)

Fruitland Intermediate: Assistant Principal Christina Stewart (promotion from Literacy Coach)

Glen Avenue Elementary: Assistant Principal Dr. Renee Hall (transfer from Assistant Principal at Fruitland Primary)

Fruitland Primary: Assistant Principal Kaimais Love (transfer from Assistant Principal at Pinehurst Elementary)

Bennett Middle: Assistant Principal Mike Bievenour (transfer from Assistant Principal at Delmar Elementary)

Delmar Elementary: Assistant Principal Shelly Hall (transfer from Assistant Principal at Westside Primary)

Wicomico Middle: Assistant Principal Lisa Forbush (transfer from Assistant Principal at James M. Bennett High)

Director of Communications and Community Outreach: Paul Butler (new hire from WBOC TV)

Supervisor of Special Education: Nicole Twilley (promotion from Special Education Specialist)

Coordinator of ED Programs: Rhonda Ford (promotion from Special Education Specialist)


Anonymous said...

Fruitland Intermediate: Assistant Principal Christina Stewart (promotion from Literacy Coach)

WTH is a Literacy Coach and how does that qualify you to be promoted to a Vice Principal?

Anonymous said...

Where did all these promotion opportunities come from? Were they created positions or were they from retirements? Be honest.

Anonymous said...

Director of Communications and Community Outreach: Paul Butler (new hire from WBOC TV)

WTF?? Liberals in Action. Liberals hiring more Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice anything odd about this?

Thirteen (13) of the promotions were women! Only 4 were men! Shows you how biased the female Superintendent of Schools is!

Paladin said...

Dear readers,

To answer a few questions:

1.) the lit coach is a specialist position focusing on ( amoung other things) reading fluency. To apply for an administrative position the applicant must have secured their administer I endorsement. By stating that this was a promotion, it simply means she moved up from teaching

2) the opportunities come from retirements, transfers, or those who leave the school system (other job/ marriage and moving to another area/ etc) - they are not created positions

3) Dir of Comm - this was the curveball - he has no background in education that I am aware of, and his track record on air was not stellar - not sure why he was hired, but a good question for Dr Handy before she exits for retirement - email her directly at and ask if you are interested or concerned

4) there are very few men (compared to women) in education, and in elementary education in particular - hence the gender slant - nothing nefarious here, just the fact that men are not nearly as interested in education as in other fields



Anonymous said...

I am shocked more people aren't commenting on the 2 newly created positions, especially the one that has a salary of more than $90,000.

Anonymous said...

843 What position? Why are they spending more money when they've been wasting tax money for years? What is the purpose of those positions? Are they cheesecake positions?