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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sessions erupts over Dem Sen ‘secret innuendo’: ‘I don’t appreciate it!’

A normally docile, folksy Jeff Sessions erupted on Tuesday after a senator asked him about James Comey’s view of Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation.

“Mr. Comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn’t talk about them,” Sen. Ron Wyden told the Attorney General, who was smiling slightly.

“That— I,” Sessions said, his smile quickly disappearing, before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Why don’t you tell me!

“There are none, Sen. Wyden,” he continued, flashing rare public anger. “There are none! I can tell you that for absolute certainty.”

He added, “This is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me and I don’t appreciate it! And I’ve tried my best to give my truthful answers to any committee I’ve appeared before. People are suggesting through innuendo that I have not been honest about matters and I’ve tried to be honest,” Sessions said.



Anonymous said...

Sessions nailed the Democrats with that statement. Democrats never addressed and by-passed comment because they knew Sessions was correct.

Anonymous said...

I watched the exchange and I thought it appeared Wyden seemed duly chastised. This dog and pony show is getting tiresome and I also enjoyed Sessions portrayal of that idiot Franken's questioning the week before that basically amounted to rambling drivel.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Jeff Sessions is a very real part of the swamp.
He has been there how long?

Stop it with the fake Left vs. Right paradigm.
You guys are buying into the political class war against the People.
Sessions is just as corrupt as everybody else in DC.

NOT a Barry Lover
NOT a Trump Lover
CERTAINLY not a Hillary lover