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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today's teens have the same activity levels as someone who is 60, shocking new study finds

Teenagers have the same level of activity as an elderly person, a shocking study reveals.

Baltimore researchers found 'alarmingly low' rates of movement in older teens and declared that physical activity levels for all minors were much lower than expected.

The most astonishing finding was that 19-year-olds were so sluggish, they could be compared to an elder in their 60s.

More than 50 to 75 percent of adolescents aren't meeting the suggested guidelines for daily activity amounts, resulting in this alarming sedentary lifestyle.



Anonymous said...

Very little brain activity and no critical thinking skills. My grand kids who are 11 and 9, and do not have phones, show tremendous analytical skills and reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Too many video games and faces stuck in cell phones. Technology not always good.