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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Resort introduces bus pass, fares can be paid in advance

Ocean City has quietly began offering extended term bus passes this summer as a trial program to gauge the public’s interest in them.

“Routinely, we get phone calls from our users to buy a pass for a week, a month or a season. This spring, I listened to the same call, and I figured we had all the materials to make a pass to see how it goes,” said Assistant Superintendent for Transportation Brian Connor during Tuesday’s Transportation Commission.

Now, bus patrons no longer have to count coins before taking a seat on the bus. With the pre-paid bus pass, paying the $3 a day fare makes cruising Coastal Highway that much easier.



Anonymous said...

Won't be long before OC will need to hire lawyers for bus drivers simply to keep up with all the different fare policies. Tram is easier: 4 bucks or walk!

Anonymous said...

You people are so anti progress. Literally every bus system in america has weekly/monthly passes. In Key West you get free bus passes for everyday you park overnight in the city owned parking garage.