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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer Of Hate: The Arrival Of The Crisis & The Second Civil War?

In our previous article, we discussed how our analysis of recent events in the US and elsewhere seem to be leading up to some sort of ‘Crisis Event’ that appears to correlate with some of the predictions made in Neil Strauss and William Howe’s 1997 book The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny.

This ‘Crisis Event’ could reach a boiling point this summer as the grassroots Trump movement moves from the arenas and convention halls to the streets, where they will converge with the Soros-backed organized Left in what is already looking like a series of violent confrontations.

In the week since we first speculated about an increase in the frequency and intensity of these violent political protests sweeping the United States, there have been some significant developments that give further credence to our assessment.



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Anonymous said...

Why? I know we are a divided country and I suspect if there is trouble, based on what has occurred since November, that the left will be behind it. Do they hate that much that they are willing to risk life and limb over an election? Are they ready to kill/be killed over contemptible candidates in this country's most ugly campaign? Does the left feel so distraught that they feel there is no longer anything worth living for? Do they not want America to be great again? If not, JUST LEAVE and go some place where patriotism doesn't matter. America was on the way to becoming a third world country; if that is what the left wants go find another one. We conservatives have come a long way and will not give up anything easily. Hey, here is an idea, what about those "re-education" camps the liberals had planned had they won the election.

Anonymous said...

3:42 they already have re-education camps they call it a college education.