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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Michael Phelps to race a great white during 'Shark Week'

Just when you though it was safe to go back in the water without winding up in a race with Michael Phelps, the Olympic hero is set to test his mettle once again. This time, though, Phelps will be putting his aquatic prowess up against his most dangerous opponent yet: a great white shark.

Hey, he has nothing left to prove against mere humans, right? But now in retirement, Phelps does need to parlay his legendary athletic career into high-profile gigs of various sorts, and so it is that he will star in this year's installment of Discovery's "Shark Week."

Here is the breathless blurb about the cable channel's "Great Gold vs. Great White" event, from Thursday's news release regarding its popular annual shark-stravaganza, set to air in late July:



Stephen said...

This sounds incredibly boring, I would rather just watch the Shark.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the shark eat Phelps.

Anonymous said...

What a load. Will the shark be drugged?

I guess a better question would be to ask if Phelps will be drugged.

And who will Phelps next try to outswim... Aquaman?