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Saturday, June 17, 2017

13 Instances How Liberal Democrats Encouraged Murder Of Republican Officials & The Possible Death Of Scalise Is Their Fault

The left has done nothing but gin up hatred and violence against President Trump and Republicans for years. Since Trump was elected last year, the calls for assassination and violence have simply been off the charts. Democrats are actively encouraging the killing of Republican officials and the sitting President of the United States. Today, the day after Congressman Scalise was shot by a raving, radical leftist moonbat in Virginia, we wait to hear if he will pass away. He’s had three surgeries so far. A bullet hit him in the hip, then ricocheted off his pelvis, shattering bones and hitting vital organs. Yesterday, he was in critical, but stable condition. Today, President Trump says it is more serious than anyone knows. If he dies, that blood is all over the hands of liberal Democrats.

A nightmare unfolded in the morning sunlight during a Republican baseball practice session in Virginia yeasterday. James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, took a rifle and a pistol to the field and started shooting. When it was all said and done, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in the hip, an aide was shot in the chest, a lobbyist was shot and two officers were wounded. Both the aide and the officers will be fine. The lobbyist who was also shot is the most critically injured, but will survive. The shooter is dead.

I want to share 13 instances of those on the left threatening President Trump and others on the right. I’ll also include video from Keith Olbermann, who is cheerleading The Resistance in his videos for GQ, where he actively calls for violence against President Trump. It’s despicable. Below that, I’ll give you a taste of the hate out there on Twitter. When Jared Lee Loughner shot Gabby Giffords in 2011, the left blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. The right never threatened the left with violence or death. People are saying today that the shooter alone is responsible for trying to kill a bunch of Republicans yesterday and we can no more blame the left than the left should have blamed the right over Giffords. Except that the left is actively calling for violence and assassination. That’s the point that makes the left culpable here.



Concerned Retiree said...

I blame the liberal Democrats along with the rhetoric from Obama, Clinton, Soros, Cummings, Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC and Hollywood. These individuals have taken bullying with their resist movements and rhetoric to an all new high. It is called "anarchy". So where is the FBI and NSI, CIA etc. These agencies are supposed to be protecting the US from anarchy. This rhetoric is not freedom of speech or freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

The "Shadow government" is making their self visible.

Anonymous said...

You have to blame the inflammatory reporting of the MSM, CNN, MSNBC and all their affiliates. They are encouraging these actions just as much.