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Saturday, June 17, 2017

FAIL: Man Robs Bank to Escape Wife Receives Hilarious Sentence

This is too funny. Things are just not working out the way they were intended to for 71 year-old Lawrence John Ripple. Last September, Ripple wrote a robbery note in front of his wife and left to go rob a bank. Why? Because he said he would rather be in jail than have to be around his wife. He did indeed take the note to a bank and a teller gave him $2,924. He then sat down in the lobby and waited for the police

When brought in front of a judge, Ripple said that he had been depressed because of his heart surgery and was not himself. His attorney asked for leniency. They got that and a heaping dose of irony. The judge gave him probation, which means he will be at home with his wife, where he didn’t want to be. I’m not sure, but that may qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Heh.


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Anonymous said...

I totally get it! Great idea. Shame it didn't work.