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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leftists Deflect Blame over Shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise on Twitter

In the aftermath of the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise during a practice for the annual congressional baseball game, some leftists took to social media to deflect any blame for the hateful rhetoric preached against President Donald Trump and Republicans since the November election.

New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush shifted the blame from the shooter to the precedents that President Trump has set for discourse in the United States.
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Anonymous said...

It started going downhill eight and a half years ago - when the Turd got elected! It got worse four years ago when the Turd got reelected.

All of that originated from the White House!

It is now coming from the dumbocrat side of the House and Senate!

Anonymous said...

and I always thought it was only 14-year-old teenagers who always had to emphasize FACT when they said something to try and convince people they knew what they were talking about. I see that is not always the case.

Anonymous said...

Liberals. They hate God, country, and, military. They love isis, terrorism, and big government.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of hearing about all of this. Maybe someone should shoot a few Democrats for "no good reason". Destroy their life style and brag about it. Pres. Trump is doing a great job despite their hateful behavior. Poor Democrat babies need their diaper changed.

Anonymous said...

I like to think positive , example : what will you be doing after the civil war? Hint : I will be celebrating victory over the liberals and dancing .
These chicken crap butt breaths will run if you scream at them , especially the ones in congress and the house. This will be so much fun to enter a battle that we have already won. Can you imagine what Pelosi will be saying ? Can you imagine what Maxine Waters will be saying if she can still talk . It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood as Mr. Rogers would say . It's almost like Christmas . Just remember folks David killed Goliath and he is in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are waging a war which they are unprepared to fight. They are tempting fate and won't like the outcome. Bring it on!