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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Heterophobic Gender Deniers

Disgruntled liberal protagonists, short on substance for their arguments, often resort to denigrating their opponents with labels. For example, if you disagree with their “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender” agenda, you’re “homophobic.” And if you disagree with theirstatist climate agenda you’re a “science denier.”

There are strong meritorious arguments opposing both these leftist orthodoxies, but allow me a bit of acerbic sarcasm to return fire, and label those promoting the LGBT agenda as “heterophobic gender deniers.” June, after all, is “LGBT Pride Month,” which means plenty of celebrations in the theater of the absurd. (Heterophobic: Fear of Diversity)

But before addressing those gay merriments, allow me also, by way of disclaimer, to submit that what follows is not a “conservative” or “religious” perspective on sexuality. In fact, I believe the private affairs of consenting adults, however sordid, are their business — until they attempt to normalize and nationalize them.

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