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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Anonymous said...

"..Democrats have LOST the working man platform. The progressive left is now the new platform and it is ONLY concerned with extreme violence, being a victim, banishing, public humiliation, stopping traffic (working people) and attacking the white male for being white.... They have no real leadership and no real goals.."

June 22, 2017 at 8:19 AM

Clear evidence that the mentally-ill facet of the party has taken complete control of it.


Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is beside itself because years and years of "social reform" and Government takeover are being reversed by one man, President Trump. Of course he can not do it by himself but congress, both democrats and republicans have gone through a protracted period in which the left has demanded and the right submitted. That occurred regardless of who was in charge of the government.

As Mr Trump entered the presidential race I was glad he did because he force discussion on important issues that were being ignored by other candidates. I didn't care that he could not win but was glad he was in the race.

When he took the republican nomination I would certainly support him over Hillary. And when he won the election I was elated.

Now I am thrilled to see that he is following through on his campaign promises. I am even more thrilled to see the Democrats "resisting" him at every turn. This means there is no need for compromise and watering down the promises.

Now I would prefer a more smooth statesman in the role of president. I often wince and say "Cheez,.. why did you say it that way" or something like that as he bulls his way along. But overriding evrything is the fact that he is bulling along in the right direction.

So now the democrats do not know how to get on with the program at hand. They are flailing around going in wrong and dangerous directions. They need someone to save them from themselves. I do not know if there is such a person out there today and I don't know if a violent clash has to occur before things calm down.

Anonymous said...

I hope the blue collar left joins us deplorables; it's fun on this side. Listening to Trump last night from Iowa, he defended his decision to ask wealthy individuals to serve in his cabinet. They don't need the money and have nothing to gain from insider trading or other DC scam. Their skin is to win, be successful, and MAGA.