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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Liberals go silent after illegal alien arrested for murder of Muslim teen

When news broke that a Muslim girl was murdered in Virginia on Sunday, the left was all over it.

“Heartbreaking & infuriating: 17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque,” Chelsea Clinton tweeted, along with a link to a story in The Washington Post.

“It appears @realDonaldTrump is also going to turn a blind eye to a white man kidnapping and murdering a 17 y-o Muslim woman in OUR country!” Amy Sidkind, president of the “The New Agenda” gay rights group, posted to Twitter.



Anonymous said...

Heckle and Jekyll are leaving town to avoid being eaten.

Anonymous said...

They are now silent because it doesn't fit their agenda. Chelsea would give her yellowed eye teeth for this to have been a hate crime. Hearing it wasn't ruined her day.

Anonymous said...

Now, really, would you actually expect any different from these fools??? They're not going to acknowledge anything that doesn't fit the theme of their liberal playbook.

Anonymous said...

Makes me sick how liberals jump at the chance to spread hate an fear. This is WHY democrats keep LOSING

Anonymous said...

Too bad Chelsea isn't upset over the 14 year old white girl found in the Arlington trash dump today after being missing since 6/19. She wasn't Muslim. Probably the reason why!

Anonymous said...

They are all in a meeting now trying to figure out what part of this offended them most.