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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Alzheimer's: Extra virgin olive oil staves off disease, new study shows

Temple University research shows extra-virgin olive oil protects against memory loss, preserves the ability to learn and reduces conditions associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers at the college's Lewis Katz School of Medicine found mice with EVOO-enriched diets had better memories and learning abilities compared to the rodents who didn't eat the oil.

The real effect of EVOO appeared in the inner-workings of the mice's brains. Neuron connections in the brain were better preserved in those on an EVOO diet.

Also, olive oil reduces brain inflammation and activates the autophagy process, whereby intracellular debris and toxins are removed. Such debris and toxins are firm markers of Alzheimer's disease. A reduction in autophagy, researchers claim, is suspected to be the beginning of Alzheimer's disease.



Anonymous said...

Oh boy, just like when the wind blows and the price of gas skyrockets - now my EVOO will cost me one MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLION dollars a bottle!

Anonymous said...

WoW, they still have some of this around after Pres. Clinton visited Italy.

Anonymous said...

How can it be EXTRA virgin?

Isn't this a matter of either / or?

Either it is virgin oil, or it ins't virgin oil.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just hope Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters read this article.