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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear Democrats / Media: ICYMI Last Night Was A Referendum On You, Not Trump

For months now the entire country has been forced to listen as Democrats and the media prematurely boasted about the Georgia special election being a 'yuge' referendum on the Trump administration. Guess what, it wasn't.

Democrats lost last night not because 'Russia' stole the election, not because it rained in Dekalb county and supressed the minority vote and not because Trump is doing an amazing job...Democrats lost again last night because Americans are sick and tired of mainstream, corrupt politicians, tired of the millions of dollars that flowed into Ossoff's bank accounts from San Francisco in an apparent attempt to buy a house seat and tired of the fake media narratives on Russian hacking.

What's more, Democrats lost despite playing all the games they always play to give themselves an edge. Democrats spent more money on this race than any in the history of congressional races, outspending Handel by a margin of 7-to-1...but it didn't matter.



Anonymous said...

I watch David Muer the puss boy with the bad coiffure and too much dapper dan just to see how ridiculous his "breaking news" is.

Pay attention to how puss boy acts like news just happened but we've know about all day.

Each ABC news fakecast has the same tired old setup.

1. Trump is bad
2. Drug commercial
3. Severe storms somewhere in the world
4. Drug commercial
5. Heat wave in Phoenix
6. Drug commercial
7. Puppy dogs and kittens

Anonymous said...

Minorities don't come out in the rain? When did that become a thing?

Concerned Retiree said...

All that outside money DumbocRATs spent did not work. Wished I could say the same thing about MD politics. Isn't that right Mathias?

Anonymous said...

We're just sick and tired of what Democrats say and do.

The words of LBJ will always ring: "We'll have them n*****s voting Democrat for the next two hundred years."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

5:48 Never because they are bused to the polls.

6:20 Only 150 years to go.