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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Canadian man charged after possible terror attack at Michigan airport, FBI says

Canadian Amor Ftouhi has been charged in connection to a knife attack that left a police officer in critical condition, the FBI said Wednesday. The FBI said it is investigating the attack as an act of terrorism.

MONTREAL—A Montreal man accused in a vicious terror strike at the Flint, Mich., airport allegedly cited conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan as justification for his actions.

Though little is known about the background or motives of the alleged attacker, Amor M. Ftouhi, the incident appears to mimic the recent cluster of random and small-scale attacks that have plagued Europe in recent months.

But what may be more troubling is the likely stoking of Americans’ long-running security fears that could potentially end up stifling the flow of people and goods across the Canada-United States border.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ftouhi, 50, entered the U.S. from the Lac-Champlain border crossing south of Montreal on June 16 and spent five days in the country before entering Bishop International Airport in Flint Wednesday morning.



Anonymous said...

So, who put him up to this?

Anonymous said...

All his Canadian ancestors, 6:02.

Who else?