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Thursday, May 04, 2017


President says Comey 'best thing that ever happened' to Hillary Clinton

President Trump criticized James Comey on Tuesday night, just hours before the FBI director testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Trump accused Comey of giving Hillary Clinton a “free pass” in the investigation into whether she mishandled classified information on her private email server.
It is unclear what exactly prompted Trump’s outburst, though it was likely a response to an interview Clinton gave earlier in the day in which she blamed several factors, including Russia, misogyny and Comey, for her November election loss to Trump.

Clinton blasted Comey for re-opening the FBI’s investigation into her emails in late October, just before the election.

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Anonymous said...

Karma got Comey after he tried to Cover for Hillary !!

Anonymous said...

ALL the Demon-crats Get a "FREE PASS" and Everyone should
be Sick and Tired of it...........
Just proves that Some Are Above the Law !!! Not Held ALL
You or I would be off to Prison for a fraction of what they

Zorro said...

We can be certain..... Hillary paid him a substantial amount if money to cover her tracks...President TRUMP needs to fire him

Anonymous said...

Comey is a nut. If you haven't watched is latest acting job you should. He should NOT be in charge of the FBI.

Anonymous said...

No one gets any free passes. It's up to the AG to press charges NOT THE PRESIDENT! Learn how our frigging government works before spouting off BS. Its getting old that most of you chose to be so f&&ing ignorant about life and government.

Anonymous said...

Genius, Trump can't just FIRE COMEY without just cause. Case is being built. Private meeting today with Gowdy was sure to be interesting no less. He will be dealt with sooner than later. Just hold on to your pogo sticks.