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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Dying Teen’s Final Wish Exposes the Pure Evil of Socialized Medicine

Laura Hillier was 18-yrs-old when she knew she was terminal. She didn’t want to die in vain… she wanted her life to mean something. SO, Laura left a message to you and me and anyone who would listen.

18-year-old Leukemia patient Laura Hillier made her mom promise one thing from her deathbed:

“She made me promise she would not die in vain,” said her mother Frances Hillier. “I am going to carry it on.”

Mrs. Hillier is trying to change the system so that nobody else in Canada will die waiting for a stem-cell transplant that could have saved her life.

At just 13-yrs-old, Laura was diagnosed with leukemia and was put on an aggressive treatments. Within just a few years, the disease returned because the healthcare system in Canada failed her.



Anonymous said...

That is socialism for you... They prove every day you are their slave... They want your money while you are young, and when you get old they want you dead... When it comes to being sick, unless you have a lot of money, you won't get help... And what I find funny is how they use cancer causing drugs to fight cancer, so that you will most inevitably get a different type of cancer while fighting another...

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad story. The system here is broken as well before and after Obama Care. I wonder why no one uses Germany or Hollands health care systems for a template. The people there are happy and healthy and neither country is in debt.

Anonymous said...

This shows the rationing that Republicans warned about as a result of a single-payer government run health care system.

We already see it in the VA system.