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Thursday, May 04, 2017

News conference on capture of escaped prisoner David Watson


Anonymous said...

wow! just wow! praises upon praises and victory lap for a dozen plus highly trained and expensively equipped agencies that needed a citizen intervention to deliver success on 6 day search of 1-2 square miles in a suburban area! Wow!
No doubt they're back to recovering that missed citation revenue

Anonymous said...

so why was the High Sheriff of Wicomico County not present for press conference???

Anonymous said...

At first I thought Sherry might fall off those big shoes but she recovered nicely!

Anonymous said...

12:33 For what reason would Sheriff Lewis be involved. He is not Sheriff of Howard County. His deputes were not involved in the transport.

12:21 It is not unusual through the due diligence of citizens that criminals are caught. Those "highly trained and expensively equipped agencies" would welcome your expertise on how they could improve their "hunt for criminals?