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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hogan strategy on Trump budget cuts works — Let Congress do its job

By Len Lazarick

Gov. Larry Hogan’s strategy on President Trump’s budget apparently worked: Shut up and let the Maryland’s members of Congress do their job.

Democratic officials and party leaders had demanded the Republican governor stand up to Trump and resist plans to cut funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, medical research at the National Institutes of Health, and funding for the Affordable Care Act.

Hogan said it was up to Congress to act on the president’s budget, and a spokesman said the governor would act if and when the cuts actually happened.

Hogan also met privately with the members of the Maryland congressional delegation to list his priorities, and went to Washington to lobby Trump cabinet secretaries.



Anonymous said...

Where are my gun rights Gov

Anonymous said...

Hogan is still appearing to be more a Democrat than a Republican

Anonymous said...

Shame on Congress for passing Pelosi's Budget. The swamp is still very full

Anonymous said...

Hey Gov are you on board with Trumpcares when it passes today with pre existing coditions ?