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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Trump Nailed CNN 27 Years Ago

Fake News is nothing new, it's just now showing its agenda more blatant than ever before. Here's a clip from March 1990. President Trump handled CNN then much like how he handles them now! If only more Republicans were more consistent!


Anonymous said...

Could watch this clip all day. He's professional, polite while Feldman sounds like a pinhead as usual. CNN still continues their fake news and Trump isn't biting. Good for him. More people need to do this. So glad Trump's our President. Finally an alpha male! World has a shortage of them. Nothing is sexier than a real alpha male.

Anonymous said...

I sat through 5 minutes of Don Lemon last night That was all I could stand.

Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't take any guff. He's a straightforward guy so it's no surprise fake news irks him to no end.

Anonymous said...

It gets better each day. Thank you President Trump