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Friday, May 05, 2017

Council: keep turbines out of view

Remaining steadfast in its opposition to wind farms on the resort’s coast, the Ocean City Council on Monday agreed to send another letter to the Public Service Commission and various elected officials.

This time, the letter explicitly states the council’s main gripe: the visual pollution and negative impact on tourism the two proposed wind farms from U.S. Wind and Deepwater Wind might create.

Both companies are vying for approval for one of two 80,000-acre wind energy fields, offshore from downtown and the other near the Delaware line, created by the state years ago. The U.S. Wind project would involve 148 turbines, each 480 feet tall, which could be 17 miles offshore from the Boardwalk. Deepwater proposes 15 turbines at 600 feet tall about 20 miles off the beach at 145th Street.

In the final moments of Monday night’s session, Councilman Tony DeLuca made a motion to draft the second because of new research.



Anonymous said...

They tried to put them off the coast of Martha's vineyard years ago but can you guess what happened?

Anonymous said...

Wind turbines produce very little energy for its cost while damaging the environment. The commissioners are right, seeing them will lower property values.

Anonymous said...

Council can obviously say anything they want, but the bottom line is, THEY DON'T OWN THE VIEW OF THE OCEAN! They can't claim it and they didn't buy it. They don't own the property that the windmills WILL sit on. Its gonna happen, or they will get some of Trump's oil rigs out there. If there's windmills, there won't be oil rigs. And who the hell actually thinks windmills are "visual pollution?" Who thought that one up? They must be desperate. I wonder if the Netherlands think they are visual pollution? Doubt it. How about farmers? Doubt it. OC rich people, only they would think of something as absurd as visual pollution. All those rides are visual pollution, as are half the buildings in OC. Then there are all those billboards and signs. All of OC is visual pollution of a pristine barrier island. Duh. Look at Assateague and then look at OC. They have no standing on what is visual pollution!

Anonymous said...

Good call, Ocean City.
Many years ago I visited Huntington Beach, CA., and the one memory that sticks out in my mind was the site of numerous oil derricks just off-shore.
Keep the billion dollar view pristine, OC.

Anonymous said...

They don't own the ocean but they do own the land where the lines will have to be brought ashore. That is the only thing stopping them from putting the windmills where they want.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a windmill on your property? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Huge waste of money for a feel good statement do just a little research on cost and maintenance for off shore wind turbines if you're smart enough to find it.