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Monday, April 17, 2017

Is Your State in Serious Financial Trouble?

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start. Or perhaps you’re looking to find a different job, or you’re trying to get out of the city. Whatever the case may be, when you’re looking for a new place to live there’s a lot to consider. And if you’re thinking of crossing state lines to find a new home, there’s one vitally important detail that you need to think about and research.

Most people don’t consider this, but you should really look into the financial stability of any state that you’re thinking about moving to. If worse comes to worse, and the economy collapses, you want to make sure that the state you live in is fiscally responsible. States that have high debts and low credit ratings are living on the edge. Any major economic event could push them into bankruptcy.

That means pensions could go unfunded. Public services like law enforcement and firefighting would be understaffed. The infrastructure of the state would crumble, and public education would be decimated. Taxes would likely be increased, which would only exacerbate the financial problems of the state because businesses would leave, leading to more unemployment and a smaller tax base. Obviously, all of these factors could contribute to the risk of civil unrest.



Anonymous said...

Scary that the description involves many of the continental 48 with Hawaii and Alaska having their own separation challenges.

HECK here in MD:


- a day doesn't go by with issues involving LEOs or Firefighters. Every single darn year there's articles about Firefighter bitchin in OC or Salisbury....over and over and over again. No one gets along via career or volunteers, so much mud slinging about who is right and who is wrong. Opinions galore!

- business have been leaving left/right here on the eastern shore since most in Elementary/Middle have been born and the hemorrhaging continues!


- infrastructure, HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, but lets put another light at Route 50 and sixty foot road...that's the answer!!!! How about alittle PATIENCE and common sense? How about a good engineering crew go out there and see what everyone else sees as an obstacle when trying to look back at westbound traffic with light poles in the way. How about alittle PATIENCE and common sense? Do that - lather/rinse/repeat - might save a life or 10!

- next time, elect a mayor with EXPERIENCE. Joe would be happy and so will the REST OF US...who, may or may not be here. Joe left and that should have opened many an eye - just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!

- civil unrest. Hmmmm, history said that accomplished a lot. Hate for it to happen again, but if that's the only way we ALL will get along.....SADDLE UP, LOCK AND LOAD (regardless what the law says, we all have them anyway!)

- snowflakes, feel sorry for one will stand with ya when the civil unrest takes place. Better pick the correct side cuz there will be no protests or halftimes. Its either you are on the correct side or you will be an afterthought in history!

Anonymous said...

Years of dumbocrat promises to pensioners for votes. Now the bills are coming due.