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Monday, April 17, 2017

Anti-Trump Tax March protests funded by George Soros

Anti-Trump protesters have taken to the streets all over the U.S. on Saturday to call for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

What is not being reported by the mainstream media about this massive march is that most of the organizers and partners are openly funded by George Soros or they have close ties to Soros.

The official website for the Tax March lists the following eight groups as organizers for the event: American Federation of Teachers, Americans for Tax Fairness, Center for Popular Democracy, Indivisible Project, MoveOn.Org, Our Revolution, and The Working Families Party.

Six of those eight groups are either openly funded by George Soros directly or tied to Soros money.

Breitbart reports:


Anonymous said...

This just gets so old and tiresome. You would think by now that these 'idiots' are just making as a$$ out of themselves.

Anonymous said...

They will never get tired because they are PAID

Anonymous said...

Trump should release his tax returns when Obama releases his college transcripts.