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Monday, April 17, 2017

City Council Votes To Restore $5K Prize For Season’s 1st White Marlin

OCEAN CITY — A little over a week after voting to eliminate or at least redirect the $5,000 dedicated as prize money for the first white marlin of the season, the city’s elected officials voted to restore the funding and vowed to work with the fishing community to market and advertise the annual milestone and make it an even bigger and better event.

Last week the Mayor and Council voted to eliminate the $5,000 prize citing a perceived lack of importance and interest in the annual milestone. Predictably, the fishing community reacted with what can best be described as outrage in the council’s decision to eliminate the prize in the White Marlin Capital of the World.
Various marinas and other businesses rallied to piece together a private sector prize going beyond the city’s annual $5K. It’s important to note the Ocean City Marlin Club already provides a $5k match if the winner is a club member.



Anonymous said...

Pressured for a simply $5K eh there City Hall?

You cave for $5K, but then feel the need to push through a WALL on coastal highway or $2M-$4M for new trams.

The $5K was embarrassing given the 10's of MANY years of OC being the White Marlin CAPITAL of the World.

You should be stinking up the joint about an outside partner paying for the "wall" or even the trams than using budget money.

As a side note, finally a kudo's to the sales rep who worked with the Orioles in getting OC advertisement on the brick wall behind home. Saw it the other night at Bull on the Beach an nearly had beer flowing out of the my nose. I mean, I've seen the countless Rodney lifeguard commercial....just finally an advertisement LIVE while the sporting event was happening....its so...21st Century!

Anonymous said...

A duh moment reversed.