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Monday, April 17, 2017

DEVELOPING: Military helicopter crashes in Leonardtown, Md.

LEONARDTOWN, MD. (WUSA9) - A military helicopter crashed Monday afternoon near the Breton Bay subdivision in Leonardtown, Maryland, according to The

Witness said they saw a military helicopter go down.


Live video feed


Anonymous said...

Choppers have zero gliding ability & drop almost straight down.I had a gyrocopter cut out at an app 1000' altitude & glided to a safe landing,but gyro's are lightweight & have an angled blade.I hope everyone is OK.

Anonymous said...

Choppers do have the ability to auto-rotate.

Anonymous said...

Meaning their speed of descent is slowed down somewhat 3:01?

Anonymous said...

how many crashes in Md. over the past 5 years. TNTC, that's how many.
Something's fishy!

Anonymous said...

Well somd is a huge area for aviation testing, there is gonna be crashes. Always has been