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Monday, April 17, 2017

Help Wanted: Commercial Drone Boom Opens Door for Mechanics

With the number of commercial drones expected to soar into the millions in the next few years, it spells opportunity for avionics shops and budding drone mechanics who could secure lucrative careers repairing aircraft. And it won't take a four-year college degree.

A community college in northwestern Minnesota that has been teaching unmanned aircraft maintenance for larger military-type drones is expanding its program to include smaller drone repair. Officials at Northland Community and Technical College are promising a high-paying job after just one or two years.



Anonymous said...

Ain't no ones around here wantin no jobs.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight usscare American pays about $12 an hour to unlicensed mechs to keep part 121 aircraft flying and the people who own these drones are gonna pay how much? Lots of liabilty there. Throw it out and get another. Ain't that how it's done with anything made today? Esp from china!

Anonymous said...

The first time one of these drops a package and causes a motor vehicle pile up its going to be interesting.