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Monday, April 17, 2017

Md. Legislators Pass Bill Requiring Vets To Report Animal Cruelty; Plus 5 Other Bills On Animal Abuse

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers made a push to help end animal suffering across the state, just before the end of this year’s legislative session in an animal cruelty crackdown

The Maryland legislature passed six animal protection bills during the session that ended Monday, according to the Maryland ASPCA.

On the final day of the session, H.B. 1463, which requires veterinarians to report animal cruelty in the same way that doctors or teachers are required to report child abuse, was passed.

It was just last month that this puppy was found clinging to life in Howard County.

A roughly 10-week old pit puppy was left in a covered container on the side of the road in a Columbia neighborhood. The case sparked outrage.



Anonymous said...

Just another law to make people avoid taking their animals to the vet. I wouldn't take a sick animal that refuses to eat, and has lost weight, to the vet now. Might as well let it die, as to be falsely accused of animal abuse. Everyone wants a new law to address some grievance, but never thinks of the consequences. This will not help the animals that are neglected and abused. No one takes those animals to the vet...THEY'RE NEGLECTED!

Anonymous said...

What now are we gonna have PETA banging at our door