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Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump to Democrats: Negotiate Obamacare, or payments to insurers will be cut

President Trump is threatening to cut off critical Obamacare payments to insurers unless Democrats come to the table to negotiate a new health care bill, taking a tough negotiating stance that could force Democratic leaders into a government shutdown by month’s end.

At stake are “cost sharing” payments that Obamacare backers say are supposed to be made to insurance companies to cover their losses from low-income customers.

A federal court has invalidated the payments, saying the Obama administration spent the money even though Congress specifically stripped the funds from its annual spending bills.

The government is still making the payments pending an appeal of the case, but Mr. Trump hinted last week that he would halt the payments himself, forcing Obamacare into a quick death unless Democrats agree to negotiate over major changes to the Affordable Care Act.



Anonymous said...

And There You Have It ! The Good Old " There's More Than 1 Way To Skin The Cat ", Philosophy !! Now Go Get'em President Donald Trump !!! Yahoo !!

Steve said...

Why does everybody feel like our personal health and well being needs to be ruled over by politicians and government employees instead of our own personally chosen doctors and insurance policies/ companies?

The only thing Congress and the Senate need to decide on is to stay the heck out of it except ,"To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes." Just like our Constitution ALLOWS them to do, and NO MORE.

Anonymous said...

But Republicans Have Majorities in both chambers, why negotiate?