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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Dear Reader,

As promised I will share with you my simple solution for National Health Care that will leave office holders who are enemies of the people exposed. Not only is it simple, it is Constitutional without using the IRS as a tool to be so.

In the beginning of their argument, the Democrats wanted the then, 30 million people without health care, covered in the event of cancer or major injuries from any source. But what they wanted was not personal freedom, but rather force. Forced with the pen, but force none-the-less.

So here goes. Firstly, allow for purchasing insurance across state lines. Currently, the states decide who can and cannot sell insurance to their residents. There are licensing issues as well. However, there is the Interstate Commerce clause that needs to be invoked. You may find it in the Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3. Article 1 Section 8 addresses items the Congress can specifically implement. The following is known as the Interstate Commerce Clause. It's painfully brief.

"To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes"

This means that Congress could pass legislation to allow insurance to be sold across state lines. So that clears the Constitutional requirement for this portion of my suggestion.

Secondly, make the government the largest group insurance purchaser in the country by negotiating with insurance companies for the lowest premium and deductible costs to consumers. With millions of health care consumers going through the governement group, the mix of the healthy and the chronically ill could be a reasonable off-set. This would allow pre-existing conditions to be covered.

Thirdly, make available Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans to cover our young people. Then, like Medicare, allow insurance companies to sell gap coverage if desired by the purchaser. It is rare medical costs from a broken leg would require filing bankruptcy.

Fourthly, do not require mandatory purchasing of insurance. Pass other laws inside the new American Health Care Act, that encourages and incentivizes citizens to buy and keep coverage. Some of those incentives could be as simple as requiring those who are not covered to pay back medical debt as they would have to pay back a student loan.

Fifthly, negotiate with pharmaceutical companies much lower costs for prescription drugs. As the largest group purchaser, it would make negotiating much simpler. Especially for our current president.

Lastly, give businesses that do not provide health insurance for their employees and incentive to do least in part. Offer them a tax credit up to 50% of what they pay into their employees health care. Also, allow the employees to have a tax deductible health care savings account so they may cover deductibles and routine care.

This plan would cover the most people for the lowest cost and would not be socialized health care which is critical.

Let me know what you think. Comment below.

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

Yours in the Constitution,
Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but you are who? And your opinion matters because? And you have direct experience in this from?

Seems like everyone is an expert and knows it all..

Anonymous said...

Send it to Trump! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

When I got to the fifth paragraph I stopped reading. Health care is the responsibility of individual not the state.

The reason why were where we are today is because of wage and price controls during WW II.

Sand Box John

Anonymous said...

Good ideas as usual from Mr Paine.

Anonymous said...

"make the government the largest group insurance purchaser in the country by negotiating with insurance companies"... Isn't this what Obamacare already did? How did that work out?

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to Sen. Rand Paul's plan.

Anonymous said...

And then there are those who don't exchange ideas because they don't have any and envy those who do.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that congress and the White House didn't come up with this.

Steve said...

Having the government as the only customer to insurance companies couldn't create any fraud or corruption, nooooooo! Sarcasm off

Anonymous said...

Health savings account aren't worth sqat if you have no money to put in one. that i know first hand. They are worth less except for the rich. Sick of this even being considered.

Anonymous said...

by repealing the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson Act would end special treatment for the insurance industry that allows them to fix prices, collude with each other, and set their own markets without fear of being investigated.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen! The health care lobbyists (Insurance Companies) are the ones writing our health care laws. That' why Congress doesn't know what's in the massive health care bills they are voting on, both Obama care, and the GOP replacement. The lobbyists pay our Congressmen way too much to allow legislators to write laws that control the insurance industry.

Anonymous said...

Who is this joker? Make the government the largest purchaser of insurance? He is well down the road to Socialism, and that will be an Easy Step once this so-called Plan is in place.

Besides, I'm not responsible for Thomas Paine's health care coverage, nor for Joe's or for anyone else here. You lazy bums need to take care of yourselves, and to stop asking me to take care of you.

Sunshine said...

HOLY CRAP PEOPLE. Thomas Paine... Our Constitution. Ringing any bells yet??
Did any of you pay attention in school AT ALL??? smh