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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

$540,701,000,000: U.S. Property Taxes Hit Record in 2016

( - Americans paid a record $540,701,000,000 in property taxes to state and local governments in fiscal 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That was up $16,748,620,000—or about 3.2 percent--from $523,952,380,000 in property taxes (in constant 2016 dollars) that state and local governments collected in fiscal 2015.

The prior national record for property taxes was set in fiscal 2009, when they hit $527,850,500,000 in constant 2016 dollars. Fiscal 2016's record total of $540,701,000,000 was up $12,850,000,000—or about 2.4 percent—from that previous record.

The nationwide state and local property tax receipts for fiscal 2016 were released last week with the Census Bureau’s “Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue for 2016: Q4.



Anonymous said...

yet we still have the worst infrastructure and pretty much nada to show for it.

Makes me think of that woman from the Wendy's commercials back in the 1900's - "WHERE'S THE BEEF?"

1+1 doesn't equate to 2....and Salisbury thinks pretty Section 8 housing on the river is the answer....


Anonymous said...

And they still think they are not getting enough!!

Anonymous said...

1:01 PM, I am just amazed that it took you this long to figure all of this out and to see the light of what is really going on... We told you, we warned you and all we got was demonetization, yet we were right and you were wrong, geee funny how that works with you people... You think you know it all, you think no one is out to hurt you or steal from you, and when you are told this is indeed the case, you laugh, you yell, you do whatever it is you do, and Boom, the evidence comes out, you see the light, and nothing can be done about it because it is to late, as usual... But at the same time, you sit there and let them keep on taxing you, fee'ing you to death, and then you have clowns on here who run their mouth about eminent domain and all of this other crap, all because at the moment they can afford the shit they complain about... They are to stupid to think for one second that maybe people need help becasue they are broke and poor, and not everyone who needs help and is poor, is on drugs or a drunkard...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...