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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

School Bus Vandalized In Delmar

To the community of Delmar DE and Delmar MD. Over this past weekend our school bus was vandalized. We are asking if anybody has any information to please call the Delmar police department. Someone broke two windows on the bus. This not only effects Lil Red Hen but the parents who depend on us for transportation. We will also be viewing the video footage. Delmar thank you in advance for your help.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an act Terror

Anonymous said...

Although 840 your comment made me laugh, its still sad what some think is a little vandalism - actually derails transportation for many children. Yes, a backup was probably provided, but a bus is out of commission for a couple of days and the cost to fix the windows.

Why did this happen? Those who did it should pay as well as cleaning/wash the bus.....and some other community service projects. Better than locking them up and they contribute NOTHING!