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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Maryland Senate OKs energy efficiency bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Maryland Senate has approved a measure to require the state’s five largest electric utilities to provide customers with energy-efficiency programs and services to cut energy consumption by 2 percent a year.

The Senate voted 32-14 for the bill Tuesday, along party lines. The House passed a similar bill last week 92-46.

The measure extends the EmPower Maryland initiative, which was enacted in 2008. It helps homeowners and businesses save energy by offering incentives and technical assistance for adding insulation, sealing air leaks and installing efficient appliances.



Anonymous said...

I get it. They raise rates to fund their silly programs to show us how to save energy (not money) by spending more money on energy.

Anonymous said...

How ironic when the legislature increased our Renewable Portfolio standard that will cost us 4 times more for 25% of our electricity. Controlling our consumption will make it "appear" our bills have not been impacted so much.

If you electricity was $3600 per year, under 25% RPS with 100% of the renewable from solar, the annual electricity will by $7,200 by 2020. This will harm families and destroy the poultry industry.
Please research the high cost of renewables and how these costs are hidden in the early years to mask the colossal increases from ratepayers.