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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What Are Republicans Hiding In Obamacare Replacement Plan?

Remember when Nancy Pelosi famously declared, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it?” She was, of course, referring to the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, and was justly skewered by “conservatives” at the time for the outlandish statement. Fast forward seven years, and now it’s the Republicans doing the exact same thing.

The GOP has chosen to conceal the text of what may become the replacement for Obamacare. Not only can you – someone the bill will most definitely affect – not read it. Members of the U.S. Senate are not even allowed to see what is contained in the legislation.

Senator Rand Paul, who is advocating for a complete repeal of the ACA, has made repeated attempts to view what he refers to as “Obamacare Lite,” but has still been unable to get his hands on a copy of the bill. The Kentucky senator has even gone so far as towheel a copy machine to where he was told the bill was being housed. Paul, a Republican, was denied access.

The secrecy should be enough to alarm citizens across the U.S. and cause the public to demand to see what kind of health care reform may be about to be shoved down their throats. But what Senator Paul believes the bill contains is the most distressing part of this story.

“When we heard it was secret, we wanted to see it even more because if something is secret, you do worry that people are hiding things,” Paul said speaking to CNN.

He continued:

“What we think is being hidden from conservatives is that there’s a lot of Obamacare lite in their bill. There’s a new entitlement program that will increase at about 5 percent a year forever. There is also a Cadillac tax, or something similar to the Cadillac tax that was in ObamaCare. And there’s also an individual mandate, believe it or not. Instead of paying the mandate to the government, they’re going to tell you that you have to pay the mandate by law to an insurance company.”



Anonymous said...

This will not pass in this fashion. They can try but it wont happen. In no way shape or form can the government for citizens to pay a company anything. If you accept their agreement sure, you are bound by it legally however they can not mandate you pay a private corporation. Time to wake up America, this is another disaster posed to lead us toward the single payer system. If they pass enougj failures people will embrace it with open arms. Similar to how they embrace loosing rights under the guise of their own protection due to terror. The sooner everyone realizes thier interest do not matter in government the sooner we will see change.

Anonymous said...

A disaster as big as obomacare.

Anonymous said...

Republicans going directly against the Trump Agenda! These are the dyed in the wool bastions who are in bed wither Democrat brothers. An incestuous relationship at best and the same Repubs that fought Trump's campaign.

Sick bastions to put it kindly.