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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Obama's Surrogates Continue to Deny Trump Tower Surveillance, But Evidence Suggests Otherwise

The President's tweets regarding alleged Obama wiretapping of Trump Towers during the campaign is making a lot of waves this afternoon -- with the Sunday lineup of shills being interviewed on political discussion talk shows. From what we can gather thus far, the White House is calling for an investigation into the President's claims that Obama wiretapped his offices.

Rep. Schiff (D) calls the charges baseless and without merit, pointing out that Sean Spicer has said he would not discuss the matter further until it was investigated through the proper channels.
JUST IN: White House requests congressional investigation into "reports" of "politically motivated" election probe, will not comment further
MORE: @RepAdamSchiff responds to WH request for wiretap inquiry: "Not even Spicer wishes to have to speak to such a unsubstantiated charge."
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Trump's spokeswoman said she did not trust the Obama denial, illuminating a few points where the Obama administration had been less than forthcoming about their meddling in the past.


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Anonymous said...

Why do you think Obammy has decided to stay in DC instead of moving to Hawaii or Chicago????

He is staying in DC to harm President Trumps election. Does anyone know of another President that stayed in DC after their term was up?

This proves that the Illegal Muslim from Kenya really doesn't have a home in the U.S.!!