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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

TSA Introducing New, More Invasive Pat-Down Method

The next time you go through a pat-down at airport security, things might be a bit different: The Transportation Security Administration has a new, more invasive pat-down procedure that some travelers might find unusual. To that end, the agency is warning local police departments that they may see an uptick in reports related to these up close and personal examinations. 

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lmclain said...

Conditioning the American citizen to believe the agent of power can stick their hand up your ace and you better not say anything about it.
With the newest WikiLeaks revelations, every single American should be up in arms and DEMANDING that this 24-7, total top-to-bottom surveillance of every single American should CEASE.
WHO gave them this power?
Turn your TV on and watch you anytime. Turn on your smart phone and listen to you. Anytime. Trick your cell phone into sending your call to a police officer instead of the Verizon tower. Photograph you dozens of times and store that facial recognition info. Forever.
Record and store EVERY PHONE CALL. Every e-mail. Every Twitter, SnapChat and LinkedIn communication you ever send. Banks, power companies, cable providers, and even libraries enlisted in the "let's spy on EVERYONE" effort, where your activities are secretly reported to "the authorities" and you have no idea it's being done. License plate readers posted to record your travel and check to see IF, maybe, someway, you are a criminal. GPS systems installed on EVERYTHING so you can easily be tracked and found. You thought it was to HELP YOU??!
Drones flying over American cities photographing you in (what you THOUGHT was....) the privacy of your back yard. This is all FACT.
These Nazi's are WAY over the line.
Orwell couldn't have even dreamed of what is happening now.....
Lastly, I'll bet you think all of this will work out great for 'we, the people", too.