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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The bad eating habits that are killing the most Americans

CHICAGO -- Gorging on bacon and burgers? Turning up your nose at fish, nuts or vegetables? These are among food habits that new research links with deaths from heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Overeating or not eating enough of the 10 foods and nutrients contributes to nearly half of U.S. deaths from these causes, the study suggests.

“Good” foods that were under-eaten include: nuts and seeds, seafood rich inomega-3 fats including salmon and sardines; fruits and vegetables; and whole grains.

“Bad” foods or nutrients that were over-eaten include salt and salty foods; processed meats including bacon, bologna and hot dogs; red meat including steaks and hamburgers; and sugary drinks.



Anonymous said...

Might as well be dead if all you can eat is salmon, sardines, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Because you will never be able to taste the deliciousness of all the foods that aren't good for you.

Anonymous said...

This is coming from Chicago. They eat more bullets than anything else.The Keto diet is all any of us needs.

Anonymous said...

I eat healthily and exercise daily my wieght is perfect to the height and weight chart. Now everyone thinks I'm on drugs people are mean.

Anonymous said...

It is called a Mediterranean diet. Lots of fish (not fried), veggies and olive oil. Fat rednecks that smoke, have poor eating habits and don't exercise are part of the reason health insurance costs so much. They are the same ones that complain about not needing it too.

Anonymous said...

Let me say this, I have been at the bedside of many a older person when it is the last moments of their life, and never have I ever heard any of them say, "I wish I had ate less Bacon, Steak, and eggs, and more Salad, Vegetables, and nuts".