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Friday, March 10, 2017

Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

Flippy has mastered the art of cooking the perfect burger and has just started work at CaliBurger, a fast-food chain.

The robotic kitchen assistant, which its makers say can be installed in just five minutes, is the brainchild of Miso Robotics.

“Much like self-driving vehicles, our system continuously learns from its experiences to improve over time,” said David Zito, chief executive officer of Miso Robotics.

“Though we are starting with the relatively 'simple' task of cooking burgers, our proprietary AI software allows our kitchen assistants to be adaptable and therefore can be trained to help with almost any dull, dirty or dangerous task in a commercial kitchen — whether it's frying chicken, cutting vegetables or final plating.”

Cameras and sensors help Flippy to determine when the burger is fully cooked, before the robot places them on a bun. A human worker then takes over and adds condiments.



Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to the 15 dollar per hour minimum wage! Cashiers replaced with self ordering machines, and now the cooks. Lets see what happens to all those unskilled workers out there. No wonder they are building that wall in Mexico. Even laborers will soon be obsolete due to automation.

Anonymous said...

Why is the human needed to add condiments?

Anonymous said...

The condiment/ wrap robot is next. Two less jobs in the building and counting...

Anonymous said...

They wanted 15 dollars an hour.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

For all of those protesters demanding $15/hr Minimum Wage here is your replacement - Robot Flippy.

Anonymous said...

I know how dare they want a livable wage, they should be happy living in poverty and sucking up those taxpayer dollars!

Morons. Who gave the robots the burgers to cook.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous if they want a livable wage then they need to go to school and stay in school like the rest of us that make a livable wage have done if they don't like what they are making go back to school and earn something higher. Don't say they can't because they can anyone can and honestly I hope that those sucking up taxpayer dollars realize that's being taken away very soon so you might want to think about getting that education soon just saying... You have no clue how much this increased minimum wage is hurting us small businesses owners so I am extremely against minimum wage increase.

Anonymous said...

The owners of these franchises aren't necessarily smarter than the people they hire no matter what the minimum wage is. There is a McDonalds on Route 54 in DE near the beach that sports a sign advertising Apple Pay. I can honestly say that 75% of the time I go there and attempt to use Apple Pay nobody that works there has a clue what to do. The technology utilizes a low power radio wave on the iPhone to communicate the drive up window credit card machine. The first thing that ALL of them try is to scan my phone like it had a bar code on it which does not work. The iPhone literally needs to be within inches of the terminal device so I try to hand them my phone to which I get a prompt response that they are not allowed to take my phone. I can usually, after some persuasion, get them to take and hold my phone against their reader which is located inside their window behind their cash drawer. I bring this up because there is a point to be made.

Given the time that it usually takes the employee to register this Apple Pay purchase, it's probably costing $30 an hour considering the cars backing up behind me. Whoever owns this franchise will never be helped by all the robots in the world because THEY don't know how to apply solutions that are available to lower their labor costs. Apple Pay also works with the iWatch from Apple. I can't imagine though having to climb out of my car and reach 4 feet into the drive-up window to register my purchase. This has all the makings of a slapstick comedy act but it grows old.

Anonymous said...

Moron! Minimum wage is supposed to be a livable wage, it's supposed to be a minimum wage.
You want a livable wage, go get a job that pays more.

Steve said...

When threatened with a $15 minimum wage, employers did what Americand have always done historically. They invented the way around it to stay a healthy business model!

Great job, we expected no less! Facing $15 or inventing a machine to do it for the price of investment is a no brainer! Americans have been patenting new inventions since the beginning!

Oh, you who are no longer job candidates? You will have to become just as inventive to keep up with your world!

Unfortunately, there will no longer be any more "Learning Curve" type jobs available, since $8-$14 per hour jobs are now obsolete. You will have to guess and invest your own money to try your own business and fail, or just sit by and watch people work...

Maybe join the tomato pikers or fishermen for some cash work?