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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snowflake Loses Court Case Forcing Parents to Cough Up College Tuition

Another special snowflake melted over the weekend, all thanks to the harsh and unforgiving light of reality.

Caitlyn Ricci, now a 23-year-old college grad from New Jersey, became emancipated from her parents back in 2013 after having moved in with her grandparents. A year later, Ricci then sued her estranged parents in 2014 for $16,000 worth of college tuition while she attended Temple University, where she'd enrolled and attended without discussing it with her mom or dad.

She hadn’t talked to her folks in two years, but that didn’t stop her from taking them to court and trying to legally force them to cough up a pile of dough for her expensive, completely voluntary out-of-state school fees.

And apparently, a judge agreed. From ABC6 at the time:

A judge, turning to a New Jersey legal precedent known as 'Newburgh' that says divorced parents may be required to contribute to their children's education, no matter their age.

The judge ruled in Caitlyn's case her parents have to pay $16,000 this year.

"The law in New Jersey is so clear. It is cut and dry. The law says parents are supposed to contribute to their children's post-secondary expenses," said Rochester.



C Gilbert said...

Since the grandparents can afford to pay for the lawyers, most probably more than the $16K, they can pay for her college.

Anonymous said...

Feel genuinely for the parents. Must be very hurtful to have raised, to a certain age, such an entitled brat. Recall this case from when it started. Hope this ends the travail for the parents.