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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Utah teen gives chocolates to all 537 girls in school on Valentine's Day

A Utah teen devised a Valentine's Day plan to gift every girl in his school a sweet reminder that they are "special and unique."

Tryston Brown, 14, was first inspired a couple of weeks ago when thinking up what he could do to boost his female friend's experiences on the special holiday, his mother, Anissa Brown, told ABC News.

From there, his plan transformed into a grand plot to ensure every girl in his junior high school felt loved on Valentine's Day.

"It became more and more about him not wanting to leave anyone out," Brown said.

The two have had "numerous conversations" on what a difficult time junior high is for teen girls, especially with the unrealistic body expectations that can be promoted on social media, Brown said. Tryston, who has had struggled with depression in the past, has recently been researching the mental health condition and noticed these issues, she added.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "player player" to me.

Anonymous said...

PLAYA ! no shame to his game ... lol

Anonymous said...

He is a "ladies man" for sure! He'll have no problem getting dates, or anything else, from the girls. He has just made himself a hot commodity. How clever.

Jim said...

Wow. The boy hit a home run for sure!

I don't think he will have ANY trouble getting a date in the future.

Anonymous said...

The next Zuckerberg for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's a smart way to improve your chances! Like baiting geese.

Anonymous said...

It's Utah folks, he probably plans to marry several of them.

Anonymous said...

What a great gesture!
Kudos to Hershey personnel for aiding him in his venture.
His mother should be very proud of her thoughtful son.

Anonymous said...

You can bet there will many "copycat" gifts. I hope he has started a trend..

Anonymous said...

Good job kid!! Need more like u sweetie