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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy stepping down

The leader of the Secret Service will step down early next month after more than two years on the job, the Washington Examiner has confirmed.

Director Joseph Clancy was hired by President Barack Obama to shore up the agency after a series of high-profile scandals back in 2014. He was the former leader of Obama's protective detail and had retired into the private sector before being summoned back to the public arena.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on Tuesday thanked Clancy for his service and said he did a good job turning the agency around.

"I appreciate Director Clancy's dedicated service to this country. He took on the difficult task of returning to and taking over an agency plagued with mismanagement, misconduct, and security lapses," Chaffetz said.



Anonymous said...

All Obama peeps need to be out asap.

Anonymous said...

The President and his family,no matter who he/she is,need to be protected so there can't be any screw ups in that organization.

Anonymous said...

Thank you President Trump. Keep filtering out these Obama Hacks!! What is taking you so long!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 904. The SS was a mess and needed to be straightened up. I'm not sure that this guy is an "Obama Hack" though. He came out of retirement as a favor to Pres Obama and now that the job is done, he's stepping aside. I'm just going to thank him for his service and leave it at that.